The purpose of the Group’s R&D laboratories, which have ongoing relations with teams out in the field, is to develop innovative technologies in phase with environmental and economic regulations and that match manufacturers’ expectations..

Thanks to the co-operation of the technical, sales and marketing divisions, this approach towards innovation is committed to defining relevant research programmes providing high operational added value.

To succeed in obtaining high-performance, reliable industrial applications, the researchers follow a rigorous methodology:

  • Laboratory tests to check each project’s feasibility,
  • Pilot tests to validate the technologies and the shift to the industrial stage.

The R&D teams specialise in key fields for the Group PROXIS DÉVELOPPEMENT and its customers. In addition, a programmes division was created to set priority avenues for research, and to ensure the monitoring and management of each project, as well as implementation at the industrial stage of the innovations out in the field.

Each business sector in the PROXIS DÉVELOPPEMENT Group has its own objectives:

  • AQUAPROX, the development of “white biotechnologies”, innovative, environment-friendly solutions.
  • BIOPROX, the selection of new strains for the development of new fermentation products.
  • SOZIO, the development of new organic certified and  Eocert frangrances.
  • ICROM, the development of new products with a high active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) potential, and in particular those used for treating eye infections and impairments, and in oncology.