The Group favors proximity and the sharing of best practices.

Proxis Développement is committed to abiding by values of honesty and integrity along with the legislation applicable to its business activities. The Group also enters into long-term relationships with its suppliers, based upon trust, reciprocity and a shared drive for performance.

The Group promotes close, local relationships and the sharing of good practices.




Proxis Développement has been committed to making environmental improvements through its various business activities for a number of years now. The essential targets are to reduce the environmental footprint of its activities and the preservation of natural resources:

  • Fermented silage processes, so that fodder can be stored without preservatives
  • Alarm pheromones for a significant reduction in the spreading of agronomic products
  • Fungal cultures and yeasts used to reduce the organic load and biological digestion at treatment plants
  • Environmental integration for industrial boilers
  • Microorganisms used for agronomic purposes
  • Designing of treatment facilities, flotation tanks, decanters and biogas plants which considerably reduce discharges into the natural environment

This approach is part of the company’s environmental commitment and it stresses dialogue between those of its customers who are involved and its research center.





Making constant improvements to a safety and security policy designed to protect both people and facilities is one of the Proxis Développement Group’s priorities.

Indeed, safety and security contribute to the efficiency of the company’s business and thus to its long-term future. This safety and security policy is organized around prevention, in order to reduce risks with the introduction of preventive measures and the raising of awareness among all employees, making sure that everyone is familiar with the safety and security rules and how they are applied in practice.

Proxis Développement has been committed to a certification program (safety and security, health, quality) for a number of years now, the aim being to develop and strengthen its ties with customers, partners and suppliers.



Proxis Développement’s development and long-term sustainability are based upon ensuring that there is widespread trust in the Group. This means that there needs to be trust between the company and its employees, among the employees themselves, between the company, its employees and its customers/suppliers and, more generally speaking, anyone from outside the company.