Aquaprox group is specialized in water treatment made up of 9 companies located in the Netherlands, Bulgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria and France.
Below are the 9 companies that compose this group with their expertise:

1. Aquaprox (cooling, boilers and purification)
2. Clarflok (cooling, boilers and purification)
3. Novochem (cooling, boilers and purification)
4. Aquaprox Tertiaire (water network)
5. Catra (purification)
6. Aquaprox I-Tech (engineering)
7. Aquaprox I-Tech Maroc (engineering)
8. Aaqua (engineering)
9. Smart Water (cooling, boilers and engineering)

In other words, Aquaprox group offers solutions, equipment, engineering and formulations to manufacturers and communities. This is a complete process meeting the needs of its customers from drawing from the ground to discharge into the natural environment: cooling water from TARs, hot water and steam from boilers, water from industrial processes and water from wastewater treatment plants.
Their services and solutions are environmentally friendly:

  • Controlled risk of legionella on the biofilms of industrial air-cooling towers
  • Vegetable treatment for industrial boilers to fight against scale and corrosion
  • Low environmental impact protection of geothermal wells

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