Bioprox, specialized in the food industry and biotechnological solutions, offers products, solutions and services for the food industry. The Bioprox group is made up of 3 divisions, which are:

1. Bioprox Pure Culture / Ingrédients

Bioprox produces freeze-dried lactic ferments (acidifying, flavoring and bioprotection ferments) for the manufacturing of dairy products (yogurts, fermented milks, creams and cheeses) and liquid lactic concentrates for the production of butter.

2. Bioprox Healthcare

Bioprox offers a range of probiotic strains responding to intestinal and digestion disorders, for the stimulation of natural defenses, protection of the balance of the vaginal flora, acting on stress, anxiety, obesity or metabolic syndrome.

3. Cybèle Agrocare

Cybèle Agrocare is specialized in the development and production of pathogen antagonist microorganisms for agronomy, replacing fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides for the agro-supply industry. Today, Cybèle Agrocare has 9 microorganisms available as additives for the soil, with the possibilities of application by spraving, in seed treatment or associated with fertilizing materials.

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